The Journal “Studi jaspersiani” dedicates the next volume (2021) to: 

Today's significance of Jaspers' world philosophy

The metaphysical conceptuality had often been a presupposition for the notion of identity, thus bringing out the most varied speculative distortions of realty in form of a closure towards the otherness. In such an era the thought of Karl Jaspers emerges with the vision of unifying, ultra-conceptual, supra-identitarian philosophy, which - in the common root of humanity - sees the possibility of its sustainable future.

Guided by the concrete reality of the moment, this issue proposes and problematizes the Jaspersian notion of world philosophy in a twofold direction: on the one hand it confronts the human need to go beyond any logical and conceptual determination to open up to otherness in the sense of an existential union between human beings, on the other hand, it opens up to the dimension of concrete history.

Wondering about the existence of a world history of philosophy means looking for a principle of unity that can overcome differences: the clash between cultures, the intransigence of fanaticisms, the construction of walls, the mutual suspicion that can feed fears and even the terror of the different and the "other" that can be difficult to understand and to accept.

Starting from Karl Jaspers' reflection and philosophical methodology, the following work axes are proposed for attention, on which we invite to reflect:

  • Meanings and Problematization of the concept of Weltphilosophie

  • Relationship between Identity and Otherness

  • Connections and Differences between the logical, the conceptual and the existential issues

  • Intercultural Dialogue