The dynamics of digital evolution have made technology an essential part of our lives. The digitalization of the economy, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and access to real-time data are all important impulses for building an information society. The related phenomena and processes are not only leading to more opportunities, but also increasing the level of risk. New modes of digital governance require multidisciplinary research analysis. Therefore, the editorial board of Applied Cybersecurity & Internet Governance (ACIG) invites all researchers and experts to submit scientific articles related to cybersecurity issues. The ACIG journal is published by the institution dealing with internet and cybersecurity in Poland - NASK National Research Institute. It is a leading research and development center, implementing solutions to facilitate the development of ICT networks in Poland. As a publisher, NASK PIB guarantees a reliable review process based on the double-blind peer review principle and global reach through Open Access! The quality of the published articles is assessed by renowned researchers and experts who contribute to the ACIG International Journal Council.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Network and Critical Infrastructure Security;

  • Cybersecurity Data Analysis;

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Anonymity;

  • IoT Security;

  • AI Security;

  • Digital Infrastructure;

  • Security and Crime Science;

  • Security Economics;

  • Human Factors and Psychology;

  • Cybersecurity Education;

  • Legal Aspects of Information Security;

  • Perspectives on Cybersecurity Policy;

  • Strategy and International Relations;

  • Cybersecurity Policy.

Why publish with Applied Cybersecurity and Internet Governance?

  • We provide free access to readers

  • No article processing charges

  • Double-blind peer review

  • Rapid Publication

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  • Publication in Open Access

Submission deadline:  30 September 2023

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