The rapid anthropogenic climate change experienced at the beginning of the twenty-first century is closely related to the health and functioning of the biosphere. Scientific researches that examine the causes, consequences and interactions of climate change in detail are very important for the long-term use of natural capital.

The general aim of the journal is to provide an opportunity to exchange information by creating a common platform for scientists from many different disciplines who work on global climate change. In addition, it is aimed to examine the causes of climate change and its effects on natural and human resources in detail.

Adaptation of such issues as food supply, economy, tourism, cultural heritage, health, technology, energy use to climate change will be discussed through scientific researches. Studies involving strategic action plans and policy recommendations on these issues will be encouraged. Therefore, new perspectives on how ecosystems respond to climate change, how ecosystem resilience can be enhanced, and how ecosystems can help coping with the changing climate challenge will be presented in this journal, focused on the balance between climate change and ecosystem.

The main themes of the journal are:

  1. Agriculture, (Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change),

  2. Food, Natural Resources, (Green Technology and Climate Change Impact),

  3. Effects of Climate Change on the Cryosphere and Water Resources Systems,

  4. Climate Change and Water Sustainability (Surface and Groundwater),

  5. Climate Systems and Sustainable Development,

  6. Climate Change and Pollution,

  7. Adaptation Strategies and Policies to Climate Change,

  8. The Effects of Climate Change on Social and Human Resources,

  9. Modeling Studies on Preventing Climate Change.

Manuscripts will be subject to a rigorous peer-review process by international subject experts and care will be taken to publish only the highest quality articles. In this context, researches containing current scientific developments such as original studies, reviews, case reports etc.  will be published within the scope of the journal. The articles in the journal is published  2 times a year; SUMMER (June), WINTER (December).  JGCC is a  free of charge, electronic and open access journal.

Only articles written in English are published in the journal.

No fee is charged at any stage from the authors who submit their manuscripts.

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