Call for contribution: Crisis, Security, Politics - nº23 Relaciones Internacionales Journal

IR 2013

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Call for Papers for nº23, “Crisis, Security, Politics”, of Relaciones Internacionales Journal
to be published in June 2013.


In recent history, and especially since September 11 2001, new Security Studies perspectives have achieved significant academic success. Despite “security” having continually been present in academic research, throughout the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, security has become increasingly visible on the political agenda and in academic debates. We have witnessed theoretical developments, diverging from the dominant American perspectives on national security, in other parts of the world including Europe.

In this context, and considering the topic’s relevance in this period of crisis and political change, there are a series of issues that social scientists focusing on security may deal with. One may analyze security’s relationship with politics by asking —is security the intrinsic objective of politics?—, or on the other hand one may study the multiple meanings that the security question embodies in contemporary societies: What are security’s theoretical aspects? What characteristics do they have? How do they configure spaces, subjects and ends?

Without rejecting the importance of empirical analysis, we specifically call for articles that uncover the theoretical aspects of security questions. We welcome articles from diverse disciplinary vantage points —such as International Relations Theory, Political Philosophy, Conceptual History, etc. — that study security and its relationship with the global.

Relaciones Internacionales is a Spanish journal that has been running since 2004. It was originally created by students and professors involved in the IR and African Studies PhD programme at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Its initial intention was to translate and publish key IR texts that were unavailable in Spanish. It has since grown into a popular forum for critical debate regarding key issues related to the IR discipline. It is read and used as a teaching resource by academics both in Spain and throughout Latin America. All articles are subject to a double blind peer review before publication. To visit the web page


Proposal abstracts (max. 250 words) may be sent until the 15th of November 2012. Accepted articles must be sent by the 31st of January 2013 and follow the journal’s Style Guide, available on our webpage. All articles will be peer reviewed.

Proposals will be accepted in Spanish, Italian, English and French. All articles will be translated into Spanish by the Journal before publication.


Both abstracts and articles must be uploaded on the Relaciones Internacionales website (, after registering as an author.

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