International Journal of Electrical and Computer Sciences

IJECS 2009

Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging

The scope of International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences extends, but not limited to the following:
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Electromechanical System Engineering
Biological & Biosystem Engineering
Integrated Engineering
System Engineering
Audio Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Sound Engineering
Software Engineering
Operating Systems
Compiler Design
Application Software
High level Languages
Parallel Processing
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science
Fault Tolerant Computing
Hardware-software co-design and interfacing
Semiconductor chip
Peripheral equipments
Research and development areas relating to electrical engineering
Applications of soft-computing tools and methodology
Advanced control theories and applications
Machine design and optimization
Electrical actuators
Energy optimization
Turbines, micro-turbines
FACTS devices
Power quality
High voltage engineering
Insulation systems
Failure in insulating materials
Lighting protection
Power electronics and cables
Electric drives
Electrical machines
Microprocessor systems and instrumentation
Expert systems applications
HVDC transmission
Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neural network applications
Power system restructuring
Optimal power dispatch and security analysis
Power system dynamics, operation and control
Distribution system planning
Demand side management
Power system dynamics & voltage stability studies
Power system deregulation
Security analysis and control
Artificial neural network applications to power systems
Energy management system and distribution automation
Communications and data security
Computer Engineering
Computer graphics
Computer Networks
Computer security
Data mining
Electronic commerce
Image processing
Object Orientation
Operating systems
Parallel and distributed processing
Programming languages
Signal processing
Software engineering
Authentication and authorization models
Power transformers
Artificial Intelligence
Expert Systems
Natural language processing
Neural networks
Computing Systems
Systems engineering
Human computer interaction
Computing Applications
Computer Communications
Distributed Systems
Databases and Information Systems
Digital Telecommunications and Computer Networks
Information Systems
Internet & the Web
Web Engineering