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Audible (Art): The invisible connections between sound, music, and sound art.

Deadline: December 15th 2020 

Editors: José Alberto Gomes, Miguel Carvalhais, Henrique Portovedo

A Call for Papers is now open, until December 15th, 2020, for yet another issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts (JSTA), this time specially dedicated to artistic expression through sound. The guest editors in this issue are José Alberto Gomes, Miguel Carvalhais and Henrique Portovedo.


For this special issue of the JSTA, the guest editors intend to address sound as a bundle of practices that can either arise from, lead to, or use sound as a tool of world building in politics, philosophy, geography, engineering, poetry, ecology, architecture, design and arts. For this purpose, they seek articles from sound artists, musicians, performers, computer scientists, new media artists, researchers and theorists from different backgrounds and geographies in order to build a comprehensive profile of sound, music and sound art in contemporary culture.


Hot Topics:

- Audio Cultures

- Auditory Perception

- Sound and Architecture

- Sonic Arts

- Sonic Politics

- Sound and Culture

- Sound and Performance

- Sound Sculptures

Submissions should follow the editorial guidelines of JSTA and are to be made through the journal’s website.



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