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J. is happy to announce the new call for paperBE STRONG

This time, starting from the analysis of Goal 5 of the Agenda 2030, J. wants to focus on the impact that gender prejudices have on our society. Questioning you about the meaning of the word STRONG, J. wants to explore how gender issues still affect our professional life and our domestic space.


. Read the text .    And then answer the questions:


                                                                                                            ONE ACT

At the tenth week of forced isolation, the two protagonists sit on the sofa, figuring out how to furnish a room of their apartment. As they already have all the essentials a couple needs, they are deciding how they are going to use the last room, and furnish it consequently. Forced cohabitation and the lack of personal space challenge the rationality of the two characters, exposing both their personalities and resulting in a heated debate, during which the discussion inevitably shifts to mutual prejudices:



A. I know what you'd like to do with MY room anyway. Your unstoppable need for lighted candles and Sanskrit always seems more important than my needs. Do you want to know the truth? wasting all that time meditating on a foam blanket is all you need to convince yourself that you are capable of facing any adversity in life.

B. It's always the same with you. You can't understand the importance of MY space, because the only possible one is yours. I’m picturing you sitting on your chair in your private office, writing some bossy e-mails, just to satisfy your ambition and your desire to impose yourself on the others.

A. Could you just stop? You are always accusing me of not understanding your needs. We have been locked up in this house for weeks and it’s clear enough that these spaces no longer belong to any of us.  even though, frankly my dear, I would gladly live without your meditative corner. My private office would at least allow me to look professional during working hours!

B. Putting aside the inexorable and constant instinct you have to pick a fight against whoever is not you, I’d like to make clear that we are in the same boat. By now even the boundary between work and home seems to have disappeared. We sit next to each other all day long. You spend most of your time on webcam bossing around, without  any understanding of the situation we are all in. I can't stand your arrogance any longer. I need to find my own space, am I clear?

A. How much self-pity in the air! Do you really think a little Yoga will save your life here? You really think it's gonna make you much stronger than you're already bragging to be? You are delusional. That’s not what I'm talking about. Leader are born not made! Raimondo, you are just a man who thinks to be strong.

B. If being a Leader means being stubborn, presumptuous, dominant and ambitious as you are, then you are right, Yoga isn’t necessary to be a leader at all, but I need it to overcome even just another day with you! Sandra, you are just a woman who thinks to be strong.


This is how the comedy of life takes place, in which even in the most usual situation, prejudice about gender is the inevitable middle ground of human behaviour. The act, hovering between utopia and reality, shows with bitter taste how our mind tends to associate qualities such as determination, authority and ambition to a male figure. On the other hand we combine the female character with resilience and the ability to overcome adversity, thanks only to her strength of mind. During a discussion we are eager to read these prejudices as offences to inflict on the other. J. wonders about the influence of such prejudices in contemporary society: who are the strong men and women of today and which is their space? We ask you to express an opinion on this matter and to tell us what does it mean for you to be a strong character in your everyday. In addition, tell us how being strong today is reflected in your private sphere and work, especially in this period of quarantine, that has redrawn the boundaries of our domestic and professional life.


Submission deadline is 02 JULY 2020


To submit your work, please send us an email at info@jacquardofliving.com attaching a .zip folder that has to include:

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