Deadline for submissions: May 8, 2023

Publication: December 2023


LEA is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal based at the University of Florence that publishes original research papers in all areas of literature, linguistics, and philology.

We are pleased to announce that submissions are now open for LEA 12 (2023):


Past and present changes in gender dynamics


On March 7, 2022, Amnesty International launched an alarm regarding the worldwide “grave erosion of rights” and “global assault on women’s and girls’ dignity” in the wake of events in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the US, Turkey, and Iran in 2021 and 2022. The UN Working Group has expressed similar concerns, noting that economic crisis, austerity measures, and cultural and religious conservatism has brought about a backlash against gender equality. This backlash has a major impact on people living in poverty and with lower socio-economic status, LGBTIQ+ communities, migrants, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities, exacerbating pre-existing discrimination.

To promote a better awareness of current phenomena, LEA 12 (2023) proposes to investigate gender relationships from the perspective of literary, linguistic, and philological studies. We are especially interested in investigations exploring relationship patterns among different genders and concerning the ways in which gender narration is passed on or transmitted. Special attention will be paid to representations of, and discourses on:

  • Gender and power; articulations of gender, sex, sexuality, and power, dominance, or prestige.

  • Gender and human rights; political struggles, activism, resistance, protest, inequality, violence in both the public and private sphere.

  • Gender and citizenship, (de)colonization, national and ethnic self-determination, religious identity, political participation.

  • Gender and wellbeing; health, disability, age, poverty, bodily autonomy, etc.

  • Gender and sexual conduct, sexual orientation/identity and/or status, non-binarism, etc.

  • Ecofeminism, queer ecological thought, and feminist ecocriticism.

  • Gender-inclusive language/gendered language, gendered rhetoric, gender representations in media.

  • Gender issues in translation.

LEA also accepts contributions that are not related to the topic proposed in the CfP – more information is available on our website. Please follow the author's guidelines.

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Deadline for submissions: May 8, 2023.