Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining

JBIDM 2009

Business, Economics & Management (General)

JBIDM publishes original research results, surveys and tutorials of important areas and techniques, detailed descriptions of significant applications, technical advances and news items concerning use of intelligent data analysis technique in business applications. IJBIDM puts a heavy emphasis on new data analysis architectures, methodologies, and techniques and their applications in business.

Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining,ISSN 2072-1455 (Print) is Published in 4 issues per year by Internatonal Computer Science Publisher.

These areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business Intelligence: Data extraction and reporting,OLAP, Data cleaning and pre-processing,Decision analysis, Causal modelling, Reasoning under uncertainty, Uncertainty and noise in data, Business intelligence cycle, and model specification/selection/estimation,

Intelligent Techniques:Fuzzy, neural, and evolutionary approaches, Web technology, mining and agents, Genetic algorithms, Machine learning,Expert systems, Hybrid systems,
Bayesian inference, bootstrap and randomisation

Applications and Tools: Applications (e.g. commerce, engineering, finance, manufacturing, science) , Human-computer interaction in intelligence data analysis, Business intelligence and data analysis systems and tools