Digital (ISSN 2673-6470) is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers topics on computer sciences, such as digital signal processing, artificial intelligence, data science, etc.; and the digitization of social sciences, such as medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, humanities, management, economic and education, etc. Our aim is to encourage scientists or researchers to submit papers on digital technologies and digitization initiatives, digital transformation, digital innovations and digital application in all areas.


Digital Technologies

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data Technologies

  • Digital Communications and Networks

  • Blockchain Technologies

  • Digital Multimedia Processing

  • Data Analytics

  • Text Mining and Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • Safety and Security

  • Digitized Data and Digital Conversion

  • Data and Software as a Service

  • Wearable Computing

  • Simulation and Gamification

Digital Humanities and Society       

  • Digital Ecosystems

  • Smart Cities and Buildings

  • Social Media and Online Social Networks

  • Journalism and New Media

  • Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

  • Online Publishing

  • Learning and Education Analytics

  • Distance Education and Teleworking

  • Digital Society Policies and Regulations (GDPR)

  • Responsible and Transparent Data Science

  • E-democracy and E-government

  • Data Curation and Internet Archiving

  • Computer Literacy and the Digital Gap

  • Cultural Trends and Analytics

  • Sport Analytics

  • ICT-enhanced disaster management

Digital Health

  • Electronic and Mobile Health (eHealth, mHealth)

  • Internet Health Care and Telemedicine

  • Health Information Systems

  • Health Informatics

  • Personalized Medicine

  • Medical Data Systems

  • Medical Device Interoperability

  • Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

  • Wireless/wearable Medical Devices

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Connected Health

  • Genomics and Personal Genetic Information

  • Wellness and Prevention

  • Gerontology and Social Care Services

  • Patient Accessibility

Digital Economy

  • Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)

  • Mobile Commerce (M-commerce)

  • Electronic Business (E-business) Technologies

  • Business Process Management and Outsourcing

  • IT in Finance, Accounting and Auditing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Financial Technologies (Fintech)

  • Digitization of Franchising

  • B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C Advancements

  • ERP and CRM Advancements

  • Auction Technologies and Policies

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

Prof. Dr. Yannis Manolopoulos