Llantrisant 2021 : Llantrisant: A Reader

Architecture History Culture

"Llantrisant: A Reader" is a forthcoming learned edited book on the South Wales town of Llantrisant to be published by The Crocels Press Limited. Edited by Freeman of Llantrisant, Jonathan Bishop.

Chapters, written in APA 5th Edition Harvard referencing are encouraged on the following topics and any other relevant to Llantrisant:

* Buildings; Llantrisant Castle, Llantrisant Guilhall / Town Hall, Llantrisant Police Station, Llantrisant Post Office, Llantrisant Church.

* Local Government: Llantrisant Corporation, Municipal Corporation Act, Llantrisant Town Trust, Llantrisant Town Council, Llantrisant Community Council.

* Culture: Llantrisant Male Voice Chair, Llantrisant Festival, Llantrisant Fete, Court Leet, Freeman Dinner, Loving Cup.

* Sport: Llantrisant Rugby Club, The Black Army.

* History: Battle of Crécy, Edward I, Edward II.

All submissions and inquiries should be directed to llantrisant.submissions@crocels.ac.uk

* Submission Deadline: Jul 31, 2021

* Notification Due: Aug 31, 2021

* Final Version Due: Sep 30, 2021