Smart city-related research is evolving rapidly and users are shifting from local servers to community data centers. Therefore, cities are desperately in need of solutions that can improve the lifestyle of people living in both urban and rural areas by incorporating electronic solutions and technologies from all fields. However, the rapid and progressive role of smart city-enabled platforms with self-driven capabilities and miniaturized devices has entirely changed the landscape of cities. At the same time, numerous challenges have been posed to cities and communities by hackers, cyber-attackers, adversaries, and third un-trusted parties.
In this Special Issue, we would like to invite experts to submit their electronic solutions for cities and valid arguments for rectifying the technologies and smart city services. This Special Issue will gather papers exploring innovative electronics for transforming future cities and make them publicly available to smart communities all over the world. This issue will consider publishing groundbreaking and high-quality electronics research in consumer electronics and computational solutions applied to challenge real-world problems in cities.

Keywords Scope:

State-of-the-art smart city devices
Digital circuit of smart cities
Augmented cities
Future electronics cities
Electronics for sustainable cities
Signal processing for smart energy
Clean water and clean air
Waste management technologies
Fiber optics sensors for smart building monitoring
Biosensors for smart healthcare
Microelectronics chips for smart transportation
Smart government and operations
Smart government operation system
Smart surveillance system
Global city business
Smart data management devices
IoT devices for smart city services
Smart city architecture and middleware
Electronics solutions for cities