2018 SAUC Scientific Journal Call for papers

The SAUC (Street Art & Urban Creativity) is a peer review indexed Scientific Journal, that is synchronized with Lisbon Conference and Activities, The authors of the approved papers will be invited to do their presentation in Lisbon SAUC Conference (July 5,6 and 7th).

General topic - Changing times: Tactics and Resilience
Several suggestions for connected issues (among many others):
- Rock art, Pompeii and today graffiti/ street art research/ practices.
- How time affects placement, content, and strategies for creation?
- Terminology and time, static meanings and updates.

Funded topics:
For the first time, we are having the pleasure of financing produced articles (full papers, ± 5000 words). For that, we got the precious collaboration of our partners.

One full paper per topic will be financed with 200 €. It must be approved for publication and top rated by the blind peer review process developed by the SAUC Journal, Scientific Committee.

All format will be submitted to blind peer review process developed by the SAUC Journal, Scientific Committee. Submit in one of three formats:
- scientific articles/ full papers ( ± 5000 words);
- essays/working papers ( ± 1000 words);
- book or exhibition reviews ( ± 500 words).

Important Dates
15 April 2018 – Reception deadline for all formats and topics;
1 June 2018 – Scientific Committee paper selection announced;
(payment of the fee for accepted articles and funded topics).
5, 6 and 7 July 2018 – Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity Conference and Activities;
November 2018 – SAUC Scientific Journal launch (Volume 4, nº1 and 2)

More information: