The Comics Grid, Journal of Comics Scholarship

Comics Grid 2012

Multimedia Ethnic & Cultural Studies Humanities, Literature & Arts (General) Culture

The Comics Grid is a collaborative, peer-edited online academic journal dedicated to comics scholarship. Its purpose is to make original contributions to the field of comics scholarship and to advance the appreciation of comic art within academia and the general cultural mediascape. Our ISSN is 2048-0792.

We believe that online, open access, rapid scholarly publication offers great potential to maximise academic research and pedagogical impact. All contributions, including those by members of the Editorial Board, are collectively reviewed, edited and discussed by academic peers prior to publication.

We are passionate about the importance of digital literacy and public engagement. As a side-effect of our initiative we also encourage scholars to become fluent in online publishing and to engage in online dissemination and public engagement practices through effective uses of social media and other online strategies.

Our call for submissions is permanent. We welcome contributions from graduate students, scholars, artists, teachers, curators, librarians or any others involved in the study and practice of comics or other related forms of visual storytelling.

Submissions should be original and media-specific: written for online reading with an educational or academic purpose.

We aim for maximum public engagement and as such we seek contributions that balance specialised knowledge in an accessible language. Our audience is very diverse. We seek to promote comics scholarship within academia and a wider readership interested in the arts and humanities. Please take some time to review our previous articles to get a feel of how we expect submissions to look like.

Submissions should be in English, between 750 and 1,000 words in length, including references.

We seek to publish only original research. We will not publish articles previously posted on other sites.

Complete CFP and editorial guidelines here: