International Journal on Nuclear Energy Management and Safety


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The International Journal on Nuclear Energy Management and Safety is a new journal from GSE Research Limited launching in early 2012.

The proper management of nuclear facilities includes access to scientific and scholarly research. Although various scientific journals are devoted to matters related to nuclear energy and its various ramifications, no single journal exclusively focuses on aspects of nuclear energy management and safety. The International Journal on Nuclear Energy Management and Safety will address these key areas.

The Journal invites research scholars, practitioners and policy-makers worldwide to view the wider implications of the operations of nuclear power plants and research reactors, including but not limited to:
- Nuclear Energy: General Issues
- Energy Efficiency, Nuclear Power Plant Performance and Plant Siting
- Safety, Emergency Planning and Health Effects of Radiation
- Safeguards and Nonproliferation
- Small Modular Reactors
- Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radioactive Waste Management and Used Fuel Transportation
- Licensing Process and Decommissioning
- Financing
- The Regulatory Environment
- Workforce Issues
- Public Opinion.

As with all content published by GSE Research, IJNEMS offers a continuous publishing model allowing papers to be published online as soon as they are approved for publication. Four print issues of selected papers will be published each year in addition to the online collection.

For more information, or to submit a paper for consideration, please contact the Senior Editor, Sheldon Landsberger from the University of Texas, at or the Publisher, Claire Jackson at

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