BRAIN : Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience


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Artificial Intelligence Engineering & Computer Science (General) Medical Informatics Health & Medical Sciences (General) Neurology Cognitive Science

BRAIN. BROAD RESEARCH IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND NEUROSCIENCE wishes to create links between researchers from apparently different scientific fields, such as Computer Science and Neurology, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences, and Neurosciences, that can intersect in the study of the brain and its intelligent functions.

We are planning to put out a new next issue of Volume 9, BRAIN, issue 2, April 2018. You are invited to write on any topic of our journal.

You may submit your work to The deadline for sending articles is the March 1, 2018.
Acceptance/Rejection Letter: March 20 2018,
Final paper: April 5 2018,
Publication date: April 15 2018.

Starting with the 1st volume (year 2010), our journal has been included in the new Master Journal List of Thomson Reuters. You can find us in the new Emerging Sources Citation Index (part of Web of Science) at this link:
You can find our articles indexed in Web of Science starting with the volume of 2015.

Here is a glimpse of the table of contents found in our journal:

Image Finder Mobile Application Based on Neural Networks

Sentiment Analysis on Embedded Systems Blended Courses

Right-Linear Languages Generated in Systems of Knowledge Representation based on LSG

Artificial Systems and Models for Risk Covering Operations

ANNSVM: A Novel Method for Graph-Type Classification by Utilization of Fourier Transformation, Wavelet Transformation, and Hough Transformation by Sarunya Kanjanawattana Masaomi and Kimura

About the Design of QUIC Firefox Transport Protocol

Cursor Movement – a Valuable Indicator in Intelligent System Design

A New Challenge for Information Mining

A Combination of Metaheuristic and Heuristic Algorithms for the VRP, OVRP and VRP with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery

A Literature Review on Recommender Systems Algorithms, Techniques and Evaluations

Swarm Robotics with Circular Formation Motion Including Obstacles Avoidance

Novel Detection Features for SSVEP Based BCI: Coefficient of Variation and Variation

Man versus Computer: Difference of the Essences. The Problem of the Scientific

On the Idea of a New Artificial Intelligence Based Optimization Algorithm Inspired from the Nature of Vortex

The Impact of Ethnic Groups in Human Emotion Recognition Using Backpropagation Neutral Network

Design and Development of a Control and Monitoring System for Greenhouse Conditions Based on a Multi-Agent System

AIDEN: A Density Conscious Artificial Immune System for Automatic Discovery of Arbitrary Shape Clusters in Spatial Patterns
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