The following offer is addressed to students, PhD candidates, young researchers as well as more experienced scholars in the field of Computer Science.
Since we recognize you as a relevant candidate, we would like to invite you to consider the position of Language Editor at DE GRUYTER, or to forward this message to potentially interested applicants.


DE GRUYTER ( is an established scholarly publisher with more than 260 years of distinguished history, publishing journals and books in all major academic disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, life sciences and other fields.

Currently, we are looking for Language Editors for our Open Access journal – Open Computer Science (, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.
We give an opportunity to acquire experience in professional scientific publishing, as well as possibility to establish permanent cooperation in the future. Becoming LE means to be a part of the Editorial Team. LE name will be posted on the list of the Editors at the journal website, alongside renowned specialists in the field.

Language Editors correct and improve the language of manuscripts accepted to publication. They are assigned up to two articles a month. LE has not to be an experienced editor, just be able to read carefully, be precise and patient.
Our offer is addressed to native English speakers as well as to any person who speaks English fluently and has an everyday contact with the language (at least over last few years).

Holding the Language Editor position would require approximately 10 hours of involvement a month. As all members of the editorial team, LE are not remunerated. They work remotely, using their computers and Internet connection.

In return we offer:
# The opportunity to acquire experience in professional scientific publishing
# References and recommendation letters if needed
# The name posted on the list of the Editors at the journal website
# The opportunity to establish connections with the most recognized experts in the field
# Cooperation with the scientists community which may raise the attractiveness of your CV to potential employers

If you are interested in any of these positions (or both) please send your cover letter and CV (both documents in English language) to with „Language Editor, Open Computer Science” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Karolina Hejbudzka

Karolina Hejbudzka
Editorial Assistant, Physical Sciences


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