ACROSS is a biannual, peer-reviewed online journal which addresses mainly humanities scholars. Exploring themes of cultural diversity from the interrelated perspectives of cultural studies and history, literary studies, media studies, linguistics and critical discourse analysis, the journal welcomes contributions with a potential for enhancing the global, multicultural dialogue in the ever-changing world of the twenty-first century.

ACROSS promotes research excellence. We are certain that your expertise will help us build a space of imparting knowledge in the field of multiculturalism and multilingualism across the world.

ISSN 2602-1463

Subject areas include but are not limited to:

□ Cultural Studies

□ History and civilisation

□ Multiculturalism

□ Literary Studies

□ Ideology and Politics

□ Identity and Otherness

□ Representations

□ Postcolonialism

□ Linguistics

□ Multilingualism

□ Critical Discourse Analysis

□ Translation Studies

□ Migration Policies, inclusion and difference

□ Media Studies

□ Film Studies

ACROSS does not charge any fees for publication. Language of publication: English

ACROSS is currently indexed by DOAJ, Index Copernicus and MLA.

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