On behalf of the Editorial Board it is my pleasure to invite you to submit your scholarly work to the Journal of Brain Disease published by Libertas Academica.

Journal of Brain Disease is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which covers all types of human brain diseases and disorders. Scientific work describing brain disease research, neurological education, and clinical neuroscience practice is welcomed. Adult and pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, endovascular surgical neuroradiology, neuropsychiatry, neurorehabilitation, neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, and neuropathology specialties are represented. This open access journal facilitates rapid publication with immediate international exposure.

The Journal of Brain Disease offers you expedited intelligent reviews by international experts in the field, and is designed for rapid, free, and broad dissemination of knowledge to interested readers around the world. As the Editor-in-Chief, I can assure you of a fair, rigorous and quick review of all manuscripts submitted. I trust that you will agree that publishing in the Journal of Brain Disease is a great opportunity to disseminate your work to the international scientific and clinical neurological communities.

I hope to receive, review, and publish your manuscripts in the Journal of Brain Disease in the near future.

What is the advantage to you of publishing in Journal of Brain Disease?

Full open access: everyone can read your article and you retain copyright in it
Publishing decision within 2 weeks of submission
Your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space and will be published immediately on acceptance
Prompt and fair peer review from two expert peer reviewers
Frequent updates on your paper’s status
Friendly responsive staff

What a previous author said:

"The publishing process of this journal was a most pleasant and productive experience. I was particularly impressed with the regular updates of the progress of my submission. Many other journals receive a submission and authors may not hear anything for months. I appreciate your notification policy."

In summary:

The advantages of a younger journal such as Journal of Brain Disease are numerous but in essence allow us a greater flexibility and responsiveness to authors and readers that older journals cannot match.

Timing and deadlines:

Submissions are welcomed at any time. Papers are published on an on-going basis.

Next steps:

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Yours sincerely,

Dr Bart Demaerschalk

Journal of Brain Disease