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Innovatus is the official research journal of the University of Asia and the Pacific, Department of Information Science and Technology. ‘Innovatus’ is the past participle of the Latin word ‘innovare’ or innovate. The research journal is a compilation of double-blind peer-reviewed research articles from the Yearly International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific and best research papers of UA&P Information Technology students. The journal accepts original scholarly works in the areas of Information Technology, Computer Science, Information System, Computer Engineering, and allied disciplines.

Call for Papers

Research Ideas and Industry Insights

The Information Science and Technology department (IST) of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) invites all research field experts and professionals to submit industry and technical insights to the ​Innovatus journal, which publishes scholarly work related to Information Technology and Computer Education. IST's contribution to the academic community and to its industry partners, ​Innovatus puts a spotlight towards insightful commentary and points shaped through experience from industry experts and researchers. In addition to that, accepted works will also have a published reaction from another expert to provide additional perspective.

Why Innovatus?

The Innovatus Journal aims to be the publication venue at the forefront of scientific and industry research through being involved in every facet of the research conversation:

  • Research Ideas and Industry Insights - Innovatus accepts paper submissions focused on starting the research conversation through insights from experts from the industry and academe.

  • Research Guidance - Innovatus aims to showcase the preliminary works and provide feedback but also facilitate in encouraging the scientific community in reaching out to these authors and giving them additional guidance.

  • Research Dissemination - Innovatus puts the spotlight on quality completed research works to further inspire research ideas to push the conversation along to new grounds.

How is the process going to work?

  • Each submitted article will be vetted by another expert in the same or related


  • The deliberation between the expert and the editor-in-chief serves to judge

    whether there should be additional revisions or if it can be published.

  • The author will be notified of the decision and if there are any changes to be made though it is our intention not to alter the original context of the article.

  • The article and the commentary piece of the expert will be published in whole.

Research Guidance

The Information Science and Technology department (IST) of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) invites young and budding researchers who are looking for additional guidance given preliminary research works to submit them to the Innovatus journal. This fulfills one of the main commitments of ​Innovatus through cultivating the research community through guiding young researchers by sharing the work via publication as well as providing insightful tips and additional suggestions included in the work itself. ​Refer to the ​Research Dissemination section for research topics covered.

How is this process going to work?

  • Preliminary student scientific and research works from undergraduate and highschool level are encouraged to prepare a two page summary of the research work and the progress thus far.

  • These papers will be vetted by at least one expert in the field for accepting the work and also providing additional suggestions to improve their work.

  • Following the deliberation between the expert and the editor-in-chief, a decision will be made on whether the work is ready for publication or what additional content needs to be in place prior to publication.

  • Authors will be notified of the decision on the paper alongside the suggestions by the expert, if any.

Research Dissemination

As the contribution of the Information Science and Technology department (IST) of UA&P to the academic community and to its industry partners, ​Innovatus compiles research materials for students, professionals and organizations who are engaged in research.

Suitable research/capstone topics include but are not limited to:

  • Information Technology COVID19 Related Research

  • Custom Systems Implementation

  • Computer Education Based Research

  • Information Technology Entrepreneurship

  • Business Analytics and Data Science

  • Business Information Systems

  • Mobile Applications and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Robot Interactions and Interfaces

  • Educational Technology and Technology Integrations

  • Cyber Security, Privacy, and IT Ethics

  • Information Systems in Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation

  • Social Media and Digital Collaborations

Papers submitted under this category will require a peer review phase with evaluators consulting the editor-in-chief regarding revisions and its acceptance for publication. Research papers may be submitted​ here​.

For inquiries, please email​.