Dedicated to providing an open access platform for academic dialogue on ethical AI, the AI Ethics Journal operates at the intersection of a uniquely interdisciplinary and burgeoning field. By integrating knowledge across fields such as Computer Science, Philosophy, and Technology, the AI Ethics Journal aims to elevate and synthesize discourse about AI Ethics. Learn, contribute, and inspire with the AI Ethics Journal.

The AI Ethics Journal is a bi-annual international journal publishing original peer-reviewed articles, letters, research, and perspectives on ethical and societal issues that stem from the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has or will have on humanity. Articles published in The AIEJ are of general interest to the broader community of scientists and philosophers, regardless of their research specialties. The AIEJ especially welcomes studies and ideas that are not completely polished or thoroughly researched, but seek to expose a deeper truth. If you have any questions, please contact us at
The Submission deadline is March 15th, 2020.

ISSN 2690-1625 (Online); ISSN 2690-1633 (Print)