Founded in October 2010, on European soil, ESJ strives to become a venue for academic attainments from all around the globe. On its way to scientifically sound publications, it connects reviewers and authors from different countries and academic titles, providing knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

The European Scientific Journal (ESJ) supports the researchers in overcoming contemporary barriers. Our effort is to provide Decency through a realistic amount of publication charges; Fairness by cutting the timeframe for reviewer selection and first decision; Agility through permanent communication with the authors and reviewers; Professionalism through a constant promotion of academic ethics; and International impact through support of open science and interdisciplinary research.

ESJ````````  s editorial board represents an extensive and structured network of experts. Many of them are academicians at one of the ESJ partners Universities, conference participants, or authors who have already explored the journal as a venue for their academic works.

As a peer-reviewed and open-access journal, the European Scientific Journal (ESJ) publishes research articles and literature reviews in English, French or Spanish. This monthly issued publication of the European Scientific Institute (ESI) punctually creates a new edition on the last day of each month. The journal consists of the following major sections:

  • ESJ Social Sciences

  • ESJ Humanities

  • ESJ Natural/Life/Medical Sciences

In its three monthly editions, ESJ embraces a wide range of academic disciplines. It publishes papers in the area of 1. Communication studies, economics, management, marketing, business, business administration, statistics, econometrics, education, psychology, sociology; 2. Anthropology, archaeology, classics, history, linguistics and languages, law and politics, literature, geography, philosophy, religion, performing arts, visual arts, gender studies; and 3. Astronomy, agriculture, sport, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and all medical sciences.