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Call for papers

RACISM, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. Environmental racism and health inequalities.

Purpose of the issue

This issue of Journal Socioscapes aims to critically analyse the relationship between racism, health and the environment, in particular the relationship between environmental racism and health inequalities, the intertwining of environmental ills with the social ills of racism and capitalism, through the collection of theoretical or empirical studies.

According to a multidisciplinary perspective, this issue of the Journal welcomes contributions from different fields of study, including (but not limited to) sociology, political science, anthropology, political economy, geography, epidemiology, public health, urban and rural studies, environmental studies, environmental justice studies, critical race theory, critical race feminism, political ecology, eco-feminism.

Below we offer some ideas for contributions, which are in no way binding:

- studies on the particular exposure of racialised populations, groups and workers (minorities, immigrants, native peoples, proletariat and under-proletariat, vulnerable groups, disadvantaged groups) to environmental hazards and accidents, occupational diseases;

- racism, Covid-19 and health inequalities; racial inequalities in health for Covid-19; Covid-19 related ethnic disparities in morbidity and mortality; racist discourses and pandemic.  

- mechanisms that generate and reinforce environmental health inequalities, which affect vulnerable groups (environmental policies, economic policies, urban planning policies);

- struggles, mobilizations, social movements, artistic and cultural expressions, addressing the racism-environment-health relationship, fighting environmental racism and environmental health inequalities; women and environmental conflicts, women’s role in the emergence and development of struggles for the environment, against environmental racism, health inequalities and environmental health inequalities.

- theoretical reflections on conceptual tools concerning the racism-environment-health relationship, environmental racism; counter-hegemonic theoretical elaborations to protect public health (e.g. de-colonial thinking in favour of indigenous rights for alternative forms of development respecting public health).

Publication procedure and timetable

The Journal Socioscapes welcomes proposals of articles by sending an abstract to the Guest Editors. Proposals should include author information (name, institutional affiliation, email address), the title of the contribution, a 500-word abstract (maximum), some keywords (up to 5).

Proposals shall be sent to Fabio Perocco and Francesca Rosignoli

Accepted articles should be up to 8000 words in length (including notes and bibliography).

Languages: proposals and articles can be written in English, French, Italian, Spanish.

Timeline: proposals and articles should be submitted according to the timelines below.

April 15, 2021 - Submission of proposals to Guest Editors.

April 30, 2021 - Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance of the proposal.

September 15, 2021 - Submission of articles.

October 30, 2021 - Peer review.

December 15, 2021 - Revising of the articles.

2022 – Publishing.


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