Foundation University Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Engineering & Computer Science (General)

The Foundation University Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (FUJEAS) is a bi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan. The journal aims to be a leading cornerstone for researchers, academicians and practitioners who are interested in high quality new knowledge, product development, issues and challenges in the field of Computer Science. FUJEAS welcomes research in relation to (but not limited to) the following areas:

Ad Hoc & Sensor Network
Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications
Adaptive, autonomic and context-aware computing
Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models
Broadband and intelligent networks
Broadband wireless technologies
Cloud Computing and Applications
Communication systems
Computational intelligence
Computer and microprocessor-based control
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer-based information systems in health care
Data Base Management
Data Mining
Data Retrieval
Digital signal processing theory
Emerging signal processing areas
Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems
Fuzzy algorithms
Fuzzy logics
GPS and location-based applications
Healthcare Management Information Technology
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Image analysis and processing
Image and multidimensional signal processing
Image and Multimedia applications
Industrial applications of neural networks
Information and data security
Information Management
Information processing
Information systems and applications
Information Technology and their application
Internet applications and performances
Internet Services and Applications
Internet Technologies