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  • Submission Date: 2020-03-10
  • Notification Date: 2020-04-15
  • Final Version Date: 2020-05-19

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The twentieth issue of the V!RUS journal proposes to think over methods for research, teaching, and activities of culture and university extension, in areas of knowledge related to the city and urban life studies. A method is often understood as an ordered set of principles for developing a route and reaching a previously established destination. However, its origin in the Greek word "methodos", formed by metá [after, besides, then, with] and hodós [path, road, traveling, journey, mode], invites us to rethink its meanings and scope, considering possible enlargements of its limits in contemporary times.

This call seeks works that have, as a central focus, ways of doing, ordering, thinking, composing, investigating, building, producing, designing, creating, observing, recording, among others, approached from a critical and grounded perspective, aiming to complex the debate about doing research, teaching, and being part of social and political life in a broad sense. We are interested in articles from different areas of knowledge in which method and methodological issues are clearly highlighted, with less emphasis on experience reports and sharing of results, but rather greater attention to methods, modes, means, procedures, ordinances, their examination, and review.

We expect to bring together reflections and explorations that can contribute to the current debate on the question of method, in particular - but not only - by addressing the following topics:

+ Revisited and updated classic methods

+ The questioning of methods as an attribution of the Academy

+ Meta+hodos or hodos+meta: building the path as an end

+ Ways of organizing information and knowledge

+ The historical, cultural and geopolitical dimension of methods

+ Revisiting concepts: method, methodology, methodological procedures, steps, and devices, among others

+ Exploring innovative modes of research and teaching

+ Culture and University Extension: which methods?

+ Research + teaching + culture + extension: the articulation of four dimensions in knowledge construction

+ University-business partnerships: a methodological dilemma or an opportunity for new research formulations

+ Praxis in academic and scientific work

+ Transdisciplinarity and its method challenges

+ The role of the Internet and digital media in today's modes of knowledge production

+ Artificial intelligence and big data: new territories, new frontiers, new research paths

+ The contemporary city and ways to address its complexity

+ The academic contribution to public policies formulation

+ Memory, cultural heritage and preservation: ways of approach and management

+ Methods and methodologies for citizen participation: digital social technologies, technopolitics and bottom-up actions in public decision making

+ Metatheories and theoretical foundations: cybernetics, systems, complexity and ecology of communication

+ Renewed understandings of academic research: sources of information, references, methods, methodological procedures, the role of the researcher

+ Digital design processes in Architecture, Urbanism, and Design and information modeling: changes in principles, assumptions and methodological procedures, new productive arrangements

+ Digital cartographies and city representations in urban studies: GIS, CIM platforms, and augmented and virtual reality applications

+ Artistic creation and the question of method: research, teaching, and extension in the field of arts, cinema, music, performing arts and the body arts

+ Audiovisual realization processes as a method of reading and expression of urban dynamics: explorations, experiments

+ How to approach contemporary housing: inhabiting informational spaces, Internet of Things, ways of living, places to live in, private-public relations, inhabiting the city, inhabiting the planet

In addition to text and still images, we welcome photo essays, videos, short films, animations and gifs, sound and musical pieces and testimonials in audio files, architectural, art installation projects, urban planning and building projects and criticism, slide shows and further digital languages considering Nomads.usp's interest in exploring the potential of digital media use on the Internet for academic communication.

Contributions will be received IN ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE OR SPANISH on the journal website until March 10th, 2020, according to the guidelines for authors available at http://www.nomads.usp.br/virus/submissions.


December 2019: call for papers

March 10th, 2020: deadline for submissions

From April 15th: notification to authors on the evaluation outcome and request for any adjustments

Mai 19th: deadline to receive the authors' adjustments in the original version of the articles

June 2nd: deadline to receive the article's translated version (English or Portuguese)

July 2020: the release of V!RUS 20