Sixth International Conference on Language, Literature and Society 2019

LLS 2019

Event Date

2019-06-20 ~ 2019-06-21



"Developing Inter Personal Relationship and International Understanding through Language and Literature"
The LLS 2019 will look into various issues in relation to the use and learning of different languages and literature. This conference covers topics pertaining to Language and Literature in various institutional, social, and cultural contexts. The conference also welcomes presentations based on studies conducted from inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives, involving research into language/s in different academic disciplines. LLS 2019 hopes to provide an interesting platform for researchers, academics, language practitioners, policy makers and post-graduate students, to share knowledge ,exchange ideas and establish academic relationships.
We welcome individual paper presentations, panel sessions, round table discussions, performances, short films and posters. Your participation in LLS2019 may be under the following categories (Original research paper, published article, Dissertation/PhD thesis, Research abstract, Listener, Digital poster, Co-author, and Virtual)
Main sub themes of LLS2019
Language, Culture & Society
Language, Communication & Media
Language education & Teaching
Language & Literature
Language & Linguistics
Language & Technology