Second IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality


Event Date

2019-12-09 ~ 2019-12-11


Submission Date



Research in Virtual Reality (VR) is concerned with computing technologies that allow humans to see, hear, talk, think, learn, and
solve problems in virtual and augmented environments. Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) addresses technologies that allow
computing machines to mimic these same human abilities. Although these two fields evolved separately, they share an interest in
human senses, skills, and knowledge production. Thus, bringing them together will enable us to create more natural and realistic
virtual worlds and develop better, more effective applications. Ultimately, this will lead to a future in which humans and humans,
humans and machines, and machines and machines are interacting naturally in virtual worlds, with use cases and benefits we are
only just beginning to imagine.
The IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR 2018), now in its second run, is a unique
event, addressing researchers and industries from all areas of AI as well as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. It provides an
international forum for the exchange between those fields to present advances in the state of the art, identify emerging research
topics, and together define the future of these exciting research domains. We invite researchers from VR, as well as Augmented
Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to participate and submit their work to the program. Likewise, any work on AI that has a
relation to any of these fields or potential for the usage in any of them is welcome.