IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference


Event Date

2020-09-09 ~ 2020-09-11





Submission Date



Tokyo, Japan


List of Topics

Developing New Technologies Using Data for Human Society.
Ethical and Legal Issues for Data Analytics and Big Data.
Social Accountability and Responsibility for Computing and Data
Data-work in relation to Gender and Diversity, Work, Educational and
Daily Life.
How data helps to make the world a better place – with a demonstrable
focus on the better, and where better is not the same as making
organisations richer and CEOs more powerful.
Harnessing Information with Unconscious Bias
Legal Systems for Criminal Offences and Abuse
Ethical governance models for new data economy ecosystems
How did we get here? Precedents, and lessons from the past.
How culturally diverse interpretations / understandings of life-work
balance, of being human, and slow-tech and techno-feminist
understandings of a data-driven society can help us shape a more
human-centric computing environment
Impact on International Security, Intelligence, and War.
Environmental Impact of Big Data
ICT for Development: Global Industries, Developing Economies,
Analysis, design, construction, specification, development and testing
of IT artefacts to defined deadlines and exacting standards
Impact analysis of human endeavor and data analytics
Security and privacy for big data and data analytics
Using collaborative skills to work with team members in order to ensure
reliability, availability and performance of applications
Connectivity/digitalization affecting our working and/or private lives
The view of human nature in a data-driven society