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  • Event Date

    2020-03-27 ~

  • Submission Date


  • Organizer

    PAR University College

  • Location

    Opatija, Croatia

The PAR International Leadership Conference (PILC) is a unique scientific and professional conference built on the partnership of the PAR University College and International Partners. It is known as the first and only professional and scientific conference on leadership in Croatia that has been held in Opatija since 2012.

PILC offers an opportunity to present papers on current leadership issues and trends in its scientific program, as well as a chance to acquire or practice leadership skills through its professional program. Traditionally, the Conference deals with topics related to leadership and management in business, education, sports, tourism, and industry.

PILC is also specific for its dedication to the leaders of the modern age – those who wish to share their leadership skills, improve or develop them. PILC has a unique program structure that includes a scientific and a professional part.