Activity Engineering 2020

AE 2020

Event Date

2020-02-03 ~ 2020-02-05


Submission Date



While much of the current research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is focused on content analysis, the ultimate success of AI also relies on the continuous generation of content. Activity Engineering addresses the ability of a computer to create new or new kind of activities that in turn generate the content. A major type of activity is conversation. Other types of activity include game, problem solving, e-commerce, virtual and augment reality, and social networking.
Activity Engineering 2020 (AE 2020), technically sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, iis an international forum for academia and industries to exchange visions and ideas in the state of the art and practice of Activity Engineering, as well as to identify the emerging topics and define the future of Activity Engineering.
​TOPICS OF INTEREST​​ include, but are not limited to:
- Computational creativity
- Syntactic and semantic aspects of activity
- Question & answering
- Chatbot
- Context modelling
- Activity generation
- Incremental problem solving
- Collaborative problem solving
- Virtual and augmented reality
- Knowledge discovery
- Data and scenario generation
- Gaming and entertainment
- Social networking
- e-Commerce and recommendation
- Performance evaluation
- New types of activity
​The conference proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® and/or IEEE Computer Society Press digital library. Distinguished quality papers presented at the conference will be selected for the best paper/poster awards and for publication in internationally renowned journals (SCI, EI, and/or Scoups indexed).