Call for Papers for the Timor Leste Journal of Medical Sciences


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Call for Papers for the Timor Leste Journal of Medical Sciences

Timor-Leste Journal of Medical Sciences

The Institute of Health Sciences (ICS) hereby announces the call for papers for the first issue of the Timor-Leste Journal of Medical Sciences, of the Dili Institute of Health Sciences (ICS). The journal, of annual periodicity, publishes articles, original/edited studies, abstracts and essays on all themes and problems related to the Health Sciences in Timor-Leste and the world today.

 For the year 2023, Timor-Leste Journal of Medical Sciences will have as its theme Contemporary Problems, Challenges and Solutions for Health Sciences and is hereby inviting all researchers, teachers, scientists, students and interested parties to submit articles, abstracts and essays on this theme by April 30, 2023, to the following email:

Theoretical framework

Timor-Leste of Medical Science is a scientific journal of the Institute of Health Sciences in Dili, Timor-Leste (ICS), with an annual periodicity. Through the theme Contemporary Problems, Challenges and Solutions for Health Sciences, it aims to promote possible solutions for present and future challenges with a special focus on nursing, pharmacy, midwifery, nutrition and dietetics, biomedicine and laboratory analysis and sports science. However, given the breadth of the health sciences, other areas and specialities of the health sciences will be considered. Some sub-themes are recommended, although the authors are free to propose other topics:

  • The health sciences in Timor-Leste - obstacles, challenges and ways to overcome;

  • The training of health professionals - case studies, practices and situations;

  • The academic qualification in health sciences in Timor-Leste;

  • Challenges and proposals for improving the quality of scientific research in health sciences;

  • Contemporary problems, challenges and solutions for biomedicine and laboratory analysis;

  • The clinical analysis laboratories - Covid-19, post-Covid-19, tropical diseases;

  • Contemporary problems, challenges and solutions for nursing and midwifery sciences;

  • Education, Nutrition and Dietetics in Timor-Leste;

  • Pathways to sports science and physical education in Timor-Leste;

  • Other themes will be considered in the areas of medicine, veterinary medicine, biology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology.


Articles, studies, abstracts and essays are accepted. For other proposals (such as books, book chapters and other formats) it is recommended to contact the Institute of Health Sciences, through the available contacts.

The selection of papers for the journal will have the following points as evaluation criteria:

Evaluation criteria for selection of papers (articles, books, reviews):

  • Appropriateness to the journal's theme

  • Innovation

  • Organization and clarity of ideas

  • Use of scientific terminology

  • Appropriate methodology

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliographical adequacy

Editorial Standards

Personal Data

Please send your Personal Data in the body of the e-mail or a document separate from the article. Put the name of the author of the article (or authors), academic qualifications, institutional affiliation (if any), occupation and personal e-mail. If you have an ORCID ID or Ciência Vitae id, you may provide it.

Technical Aspects

Margins: 2.5 cm.

Font: Times New Roman.

Font Size: Article Title: Letra14, Bold. Titles and subtitles: 12-point font, Bold. Body text: 12-point font.

Line spacing: 1.5. Justified text.

The first page should contain

Title in Portuguese; Abstract in Portuguese; Keywords in Portuguese; Abstract in English (Abstract); Keywords in English. If you intend to write in English only, you should mention this.

The title of the article is at the top of the page, aligned to the centre, in Times New Roman font, size 14, in Portuguese or English.

Abstract: maximum of 500 characters, including spaces.

Keywords: maximum of 5.

Articles should not exceed 8.000 words.

APA standard

All authors are asked to use the APA standard (7th Edition).

Citations in the body of the text:

Author-date citation in the body text in parentheses: (Last name, year, page).

Ex: However, "the processes are increasingly sedimented" (Mateus, 2007, p. 52).

According to Mateus (2007), "the processes are more and more sedimented" (p.52).

Direct quotations with more than three lines: separate and isolate the quotation of the text, and put it with letter size 10, left margin 6 cm; other margins 2.5 cm, without inverted commas and with the author-date quotation.

Final Bibliography



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Newspapers and Magazines

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Video - Youtube

Name of the user on the network (day, month, year). Title of the video [Video]. The website where it is hosted. URL.

To clear any doubts or any other questions, please contact us by e-mail:


The Editors,

Gregório Rangel, Filipe Abraão Martins do Couto