Journal of Global Trade, Ethics and Law


Journal of Global Trade, Ethics and Law is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, double-blind academic journal that aims to examine trade in its economical, political, legal and moral aspects.

In this vein, in addition to analysing the issues of global markets and trade in economic, political and legal terms, the journal aims to examine aspects of ethics in these contexts, with the goal of developing and emphasising new and more vibrant research in the study of international trade and related fields and how they address ongoing moral transformations.

The commitment to fair and ethical research leads the members and readers of the journal to reflect and actively support high academic standards steeped in ideas and curiosity, providing new knowledge to future human minds and supporting societies in their change and progress.



The economic and political challenges facing nations in the contemporary age have demonstrated an inescapable datum, namely the global transformations in trade.

The initiation of adverse and critical events for relations between Western and Eastern states has profoundly influenced the conditions of trade in the international arena, creating imbalances in what had been the functioning rules of World Governance. Therefore, the role of trade, in particular the international one, demonstrates today as yesterday the inevitable importance in global structures, influencing mainly three themes: Economy, Politics, and Law.

In consideration of this, the Journal of Global Trade, Ethics, and Law indicates the call for papers for the new 2023 volume. The theme addressed by the Journal is focused on Trade and all those related categories that deal with the theme, such as:

- Economy

- Politics

- Law

- Social Sciences (General)

For the volume, particular attention will be given to manuscripts dealing with the theme of Commercial Ethics, a theme little studied by research but which can give implications of fundamental importance to Literature.

All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.

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In our commitment to research, the journal is free of charge for the Author (no APC), both for the publication and for reading the published Articles.



In order to facilitate the author's work, the journal adopts the Free Format Submission, with which it offers the possibility of submitting the manuscript according to the structure followed by the author. After acceptance, the journal will take care of formatting the Article free of charge for its publication.

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