International Journal of Law and Politics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published every three months by Scientific Cooperations.


The scope of the journal is listed but not limited below:

Administrative Law
Business Organization Law
Civil Law
Civil Procedure
Commercial Law
Competition In Two-Sided Markets
Constitutional Justice
Constitutional Law
Contract Law
Copyright Law
Corporate Finance Law
Corporate Law
Courts And Judicial Politics
Criminal Law
Employment Law
Environmental And Energy Law
European Law
Family And Juvenile Law
Government Structure
Health Law
High-Tech And Anti-Trust Policy
High-Tech And Anti-Trust Policy
Human Rights Law
Human Rights/Civil Liberty
Immigration Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Economics And Trade Law
International Law And Politics
Islamic Law
Judicial System
Labour Law
Law Of Common Areas
Law Of International Regulations
Legal Methodology
Legal Systems And Their Institutions
Legislative Processes And Public Law
Media Law
Open Standards And Entrepreneurship
Philosophy Of Law And Related Topics In Law
Property Law
Public And Private Law
Public Law Fundamentals
R&D And Innovation In High-Tech
Real Estate Law
Sports And Entertainment Law
Taxation Law
Teaching Methodology
The Internet Search
The Institutions Of International Justice
Tourism Law
Trademarks Law
Transport Law

American Politics
Analytical Politics
Autocracy, Democracy And Prosperity
Campaigning And Elections
Comparative Politics
Cross-National Political Analysis
Democracy And Its Critics
Democratic Innovations
European Integration
Foreign Policy Analysis
Gender Politics
Geopolitics And Political Geography
Global Governance
Government And Politics Of The Middle East
Green Politics
Green Politics
Intelligence Governance
Interdisciplinary Perspective On Violence & Politics
International Law And Organizations
International Politics
Internet And Politics
Liberty And Equality
Modern Political Ideologies
Modernization In Turkey And Iran
National Systems
Nationalism And Ethnic Conflict
Nationalism And Identity
NGO’S And Civic Culture
Policy Analysis And Studies
Policy Studies And Public Policy Analysis
Political Development
Political Communication
Political Economy
Political Methodology
Political Participation
Political Psychology
Political Science
Political Science Research Methods
Political Systems
Political Theory And Philosophy
Politics In Russia
Politics Of Developing Countries
Politics Of European Integration
Politics Of Human Rights
Power And Justice
Public Administration
Public Policy And Administration
Supranational And Intergovernmental Politics
The Presidency
The Soviet Successor States
United States Foreign Policy