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Dear researchers,


The Journal of Sustainable Natural Resources (JSuNR) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes twice a year (June and December) devoted to the fields of fundamental, applied and technology related to sustainable natural resources research WITH NO ARTICLE PROCESSING CHARGE (APC) OR PUBLICATION FEES


JSuNR welcome article submission from the local and international researchers and practitioners in various fields including:


- Biodiversity, ecology and conservation

- Sustainable uses of natural resources

- Alternatives to forest harvesting (i.e. plant tissue culture / plant biotechnology)

- Sustainable management of natural resources

Indigenous people – environment interaction

Sustainable harvesting of natural resources

-Sustainable development and global climate change

Ecotourism and impact on the economy

- Economic, social, and philosophical aspects of sustainable uses of natural resources

Future projections, options, policies, and indicators of sustainability


Article submission can be submitted online at


Looking forward to your submission.