ESP International Journal of Advancements in Science & Technology (ESP- IJAST) broadened its focus to include articles from the research community. After 10 years of offline academic experience, ESP has continued to act as a publisher of online research publications. With the help of skilled internal staff and a formidable external editorial board, ESP- IJAST hopes to overcome the hurdles of real-time online publication. By having a rigorous, open-minded assessment procedure and selection strategy, ESP- IJAST ensures the most cutting-edge engineering research is carried out. Every three months throughout the year, the quarterly magazine ESP- IJAST publishes original research articles in the fields of engineering and technology. The organization's goal is to perform, organize, and support research and development. It offers professional and academic oversight in the areas of primary education, higher education, and technical education. The ESP International Journal Of Advancements In Science & Technology (ESP- IJAST) 's goals are to encourage and support top-notch fundamental scientific research and development in the fields of engineering, technology, and sciences, to educate the public, to provide academics with guidance, and to disseminate research findings.